Partners in Liberty

Kent State Project Leaders

Dr. James Blank 

Dean, College of Arts and Sciences 

J.R. Campbell 

Executive Director, Design Innovation Initiative 

David Hassler

Director, Wick Poetry Center

Dr. Fabrizio Ricciardelli

Director, Kent State University Florence Center

Kent State Project Supporters

The Burbick Foundation

The Wick Family

The Woodward Foundation

Kent State Project Collaborators

Joshua Talbott, Team Leader, Information Technology

3D scanning, digital construction, technical project management

Dr. Robert Clements, Associate Professor, Neuroscience

3D Acquisition and project planning

Tamara Honesty, Assistant Professor, Theatre & Dance

Artist commissioned to paint exhibit items

Sandra Morgan, Director of Marketing, College of Arts and Sciences

Trent True, Lecturer

FEF Key Professor, College of Aeronautics and Engineering – Metals manufacturing

Samantha Battaglia 

Assist. Casting Technician

Michael Nelson

CAD Mold Design

Jay Onders

Machinist – Department of Physics

James Maxwell

Videography and Marketing

Stephanie Snyder

Website design

Jason Bogart

Aluminum/Steel Welding

Travis Williams

Finishing/machining rays casting

Tetta Askeland 

Painting and finishing assistance

Emma Hisrich 

Painting and finishing assistance

Samantha Catone

Painting and finishing assistance

Alex Barnhart

Painting and finishing assistance

Steve Sawicki 

Painting and finishing assistance

Brian Seckfort

Painting and finishing assistance

Brendan Ho

College of Architecture and Environmental Design – Vitrine Rhino CAD design

Richard Thomas

Sr. Electronic Technician, Kent State University – Tuscarawas, 3D printing

Simone Falcone

Facility Manager, Kent State University Florence Center

Kent State Listening Wall Project Team 

David Hassler

Director, Wick Poetry Center

Dr. Jessica Jewell

Senior Academic Porgram Director, Wick Poetry Center

Györgyi Mihályi-Jewell

Assistant Director, Wick Poetry Center


Charles Malone

Program and Outreach Manager, Wick Poetry Center

Stephanie Siciarz

Italian Program Coordinator, Kent State University

Design Team for Listening Wall

Nate Mucha

Founding Principal, Each + Every

Alex Catanese

Principal Designer, Each + Every 

Nate Hobi

Senior Developer, Each + Every 

Ryan Hammond 

Principal, Each + Every 

Technical Partners and Consultants

Matthew Proske  

Visi-Trak –Casting Simulation and Mold Assembly

Exact Metrology – Cincinnati Office
Contact: Chris Lafferty
Phone: 513-813‐4217
Responsible for providing consultations, hardware, and software that enabled the data acquisition and processing steps



Freshmade3D – Youngstown
Contacts: Christopher Tomko | Founder and President
Phone: 724-624-9437
Rich Wetzel | Co-Founder/CEO
Phone: 234-254-0994
Consultations, 3D printed statue, 3 Lady Italy busts, and 3D modeling artist subcontractor to clean up the models


Kent State University
800 E. Summit Street
P.O. Box 5190
Kent, Ohio 44242

Opera di Santa Croce 
Piazza Santa Croce, 16
50122 Florence, Italy



Exhibition on Ellis Island and Ferry Hours of Operation